5G & Beyond: Embracing the New Era of Internet-of-Drones (IoD)-2018年9月25日 10:00-无线谷1号楼1319会议室
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报告人:Dr. Rui Zhang, National University of Singapore

报告时间:2018年9月25日 10:00


报告题目:5G & Beyond: Embracing the New Era of Internet-of-Drones (IoD)

报告摘要:The past few years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones in various civilian applications, such as for aerial surveillance, traffic control, photography, package delivery, and communication platforms. Despite their widespread applications, how to enable high-capacity, low-latency and ultra-reliable wireless communications between UAVs and their associated ground entities is still an open challenge. Cellular-connected UAVs is a promising solution to achieve this goal, by integrating UAVs as new aerial users in the existing and future cellular networks. However, the integration of UAVs into 5G-and-beyond wireless systems calls for a paradigm shift on the design of traditional cellular networks, to enable a highly heterogeneous network architecture with coexisting terrestrial and UAV users. In this talk, we will provide a comprehensive overview of the potential applications, networking architectures, the latest research findings and key enabling technologies for cellular-connected UAV communications, to embrace a forthcoming new era of Internet-of-Drones (IoD).


Dr. Rui Zhang (Fellow, IEEE) received the Ph.D. degree from Stanford University

 in electrical engineering. He is now a Dean’s Chair Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. His research interests include wireless information and power transfer, UAV communication, MIMO, cognitive radio, and optimization methods. He has published over 300 papers, which have been cited more than 23,000 times. He has been listed as a Highly Cited Researcher by Thomson Reuters/Clarivate Analytics since 2015. His works have received several IEEE awards, including the IEEE Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications, the IEEE Communications Society Heinrich Hertz Prize Paper Award, the IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award, Young Author Best Paper Award, and Donald G. Fink Overview Paper Award. He has served as an Editor for several IEEE journals, including TWC, TCOM, JSAC, TSP, etc., and as TPC co-chair or organizing committee member for over 30 international conferences.