On Energy-Harvesting Relay Networks: Full-Duplex and Relay Selection-2016年10月17日上午10点-无线谷1319
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报告人:Prof. Liuqing Yang
FIEEE,Colorado State University, USA
题目:OnEnergy-Harvesting Relay Networks: Full-Duplex and Relay Selection

Abstract:Energy harvesting (EH) is regarded as a promising technology to significantly extend the lifetime of battery-powered devices. Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is proposed to harvest part of the energy carried by the wireless communication signals and store it for future use. Currently, SWIPT has been successfully applied to energy-constrained relays that are mainly or exclusively powered by the energy harvested from the received signals. These relays are known as EH relays, which attract significant attention in both the academia and the industry. In this talk, we will first introduce the characteristics and performance of half-duplex and full-duplex EH relay networks. Then, we will discuss the power-splitting (PS) factor optimization in PS-based EH relay networks and present the impact of the residual self-interference at full-duplex EH relays. Furthermore, we will focus on the relay selection (RS) problem in EH relay networks. Both single relay selection (SRS) and general relay selection (GRS) without the limit on the number of cooperating relays are investigated and the corresponding RS methods are proposed. We will show that our proposed heuristic GRS methods outperform the SRS methods and achieve very similar performance compared with the optimal RS method achieved by exhaustive search but with dramatically reduced complexity.

Bio:Dr. Liuqing Yang received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, in 2004. She is presently a Professor with Colorado State University. Her general interests are in signal processing with applications to communications, networking and power systems – subjects on which she has published more than 250 journal and conference papers, 4 book chapters and 2 books. Dr. Yang was the recipient of the Best Dissertation Award in the Physical Sciences & Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2004, the Best Paper Award at the IEEE ICUWB’06, ICCC’13, ITSC’14, Globecom’14, and ICC’16, the ONR Young Investigator Program (YIP) award in 2007, and the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award in 2009. She has served as an active reviewer for more than 10 journals, as TPC chair/member for a number of conferences, and as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, IEEE Intelligent Systems, and PHYCOM: Physical Communication. Dr. Yang is an IEEE Fellow, and has been the co-chair of the Mobile Communication Networks technical committee of the IEEE ITSS since 2006.