Edge Intelligence for Internet of Things-无线谷1402会议室
发布人: 王瀚颖   发布时间: 2019-07-01    浏览次数:


报告题目:Edge Intelligence for Internet of Things



In this talk, we will first present the key concepts and main principles related to edge intelligence, i.e., the synergy betweenedge computing and AI. Then, we mainly focus on deep reinforcement learning for addressing key challenges in 5G beyond networks and Internet of Vehicles. In such contexts, we will present our recent studies and results related to content distribution and caching, resource management & optimization, and task offloading problems. We will also point out several open research questions for further study.



张彦教授2005年毕业于新加坡南洋理工大学获电子电气工程博士学位。近期主要研究方向为未来无线通信网络和智能安全物联网。现任IEEE Communications Magazine副编辑; IEEE Network Magazine编辑; IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials编辑;IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking编辑; IEEE Internet of Things编辑;IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine编辑;以及 IEEE ACCESS副编辑。并现任或曾任国内多个核心期刊编委,包括中国通信 ,通信与信息网络学报,及物联网学报。多次担任国际学术会议的技术委员会主席或分会主席,如IEEE GLOBECOM 2017、IEEE VTC-Spring 2017、IEEE PIMRC 2016、IEEE SmartGridComm 2015等。